Fees & Costs

Most of our clients prefer to hire us on a contingent fee basis.  With a contingent fee structure, the law firm assumes the risk for earning a fee.  Under this option, we only receive payment if we obtain more money for the owner than the last written offer from the government.  In that event, we only accept a percentage of the additional money received for the property owner.  The contingent fee structure is limited to additional damages claims.  Legal issues such as challenging the right to take, appeals beyond the trial court stage and inverse condemnation claims are handled hourly.  Contingent fees refer to the fees charged by an attorney for their services.  The client is also responsible for related costs, such as court costs and other additional expenses of legal action.  This includes expert fees, depositions, filing fees, etc.  These  costs would typically be advanced  by Murphy Law Offices , LLC and would come out of the overall award.  Generally, every case will require an appraiser.  Depending upon the case, there may be a need for an additional expert witness, such as a planner, a broker, a hydrologist, a traffic engineer or other individual with unique skills required for a particular case.  However, most cases only require the use of an appraiser.

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